Angie Jackson’s brave choice

Posted in Uncategorized by macktivist on March 11, 2010

I was reading a lot about Angie Jackson today, the woman who live-tweeted her abortion. It’s so sad that now-a-days a woman getting a PERFECTLY LEGAL, NON-INVASIVE medical procedure is interviewed on CNN like she is some sort of oddity to be gawked at.

It is also a sign of how entrenched anti-choice rhetoric is in my country. It’s shocking how sexist the mainstream media is, that if you watch US television and movies whenever a female character becomes pregnant she instantaneously turns to the Cult of True Womanhood*. No matter what frivolous things like “goals” or “dreams” that she expressed interest in before she was knocked up; she now knows that she needs to give that all up to be tied legally and emotional tied to a child for 18+ years.

When reading the transcript of Jackson’s interview with CNN, I was struck by the fact that the reporter seemed to be constantly undermining Ms. Jackson’s decision n to get an abortion. Ms. Jackson very clearly stated that the abortion was vitally NECESSARY, as her doctor had told her after her first child that she wouldn’t be able to safely have another. Now, when a woman is confronted with the choices of “no abortion -> dying” vs “abortion -> not dying”, most people would take the side of “abortion”. The fact that the anti-choicers are sending her death threats is horrible but not unexpected. These “pro-lifers” have deemed women not worthy of being autonomous free beings, so the fact she is choosing herself over a clump of cells is enraging to them.

This live-tweet has not gone unnoticed in the feminist blogspheres. The article that the former director of PP Rhode Island wrote in response to Ms. Jackson, saying that she shouldn’t be out there talking about her abortion is ridiculous. Looking up the facts about abortion on web (which was a hassle within itself, as the top reasons on Google are from places like “” *eyeroll*) from the PP research, one in three American women will have an abortion in their lives. Why can’t we talk about this? Especially as more and more states pull tighter and tighter around a noose on choice’s neck.

Could you imagine if even 25% of the one in three American women did what Ms. Jackson did? If they were open and honest about their experiences, and pointed out how freeing being able to make that choice was? Of course it would make the crazed anti-choices foam at the mouth, but there would be a pro-choice revolution.

*Unless she happens to be a women of color, than she’s a terrible, unfit “Welfare Queen”. Yay sexism + racism.

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