High Fructose Corn Shit

Posted in Uncategorized by macktivist on April 8, 2010

My Primary left last night; he drove to my parent’s house in Phoenix, stayed the night, and was driven very early in the morning to the airport by my dad. I’m missing him already.

My insomnia was pretty bad last night without him. I know it sound saccharine, to say, but once you get used to sharing a bed with someone and cuddling up to them every night, it feels like there’s no reason to go to bed. That kicked me in the butt this morning as I didn’t wake up until 11ish.

I went to the store today, as my benefits start on the 7th of every month. I got some Arizona Ice Tea, because it was so on sale. After drinking some on the walk home, I realized that they put HFCS. Now I’m not one of those people who think it will give me autism or something, but I do know that it is shit for your body. So when I got home I poured out on the ground the offending liquid, and later returned the other container I had bought. If I have to be a fatty, I want to be a fatty from eating nutritious food, not over processed shit.

I have been thinking a lot about gender and my own identity, more later.

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