Unworking ethic.

Posted in Uncategorized by macktivist on April 9, 2010

Day two of the Primary being in Berkeley. It seems that he is becoming more sure that he wants to go there. I want him to have a place he really wants to go, I’m just scared of somethings. I’m scared of him being so far away, I’m scared he’ll decide that having a primary in another state is too difficult, I’m scared that we’ll make it through the three years apart but will drown in debt from both of our post-collegiate scholastic ventures.

Secondary stayed over last night. We decided that it would be best if we stayed at my and Erik’s place, as there has been bad blood between me and ex he lives with. He’s convinced my roommates (who actually live in the main house as opposed to the guest house the Primary and I rent) think that I’m having an affair with him because he parked his car in the drive way. They probably do, but they are the Primary’s friends and not mine, so that’s up to him to talk to them about.

I’m all alone right now. There are probably a billion things that I should be doing, like ohhh– exercising, getting my paper signed to graduate, get my bike fixed — but the internet is more fun.

Edit Later:
I’m at my school’s campus, as I walked here to get my graduation papers signed. Looks like I’ll have to wait until next week AGAIN, as the advisors are closed. Well, at least I’m getting the exercise I keep on saying I’m going to do. I am being tempted by the thought of buying some veggie sushi…

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