Probably TL;DR- My hospital stay

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(In this and from now on, I’m referring to the Primary as Primus and the Secondary as Secundus.)

I was hospitalized on Sunday because I couldn’t speak without extreme pain and I couldn’t swallow.

Secundus drove me there. He had spent the whole night with me; in which I had woken up every hour like clockwork, with the same headache and sore throat I had for hours. Sometimes I would go into the bathroom and throw up the Emergen-C that he had given me. When the morning had come, he made three separate trips to the pharmacy. The first time, he got me allergy pills. I stared at the box incredulously. “How am I supposed to swallow these? And I don’t think this is an allergy..” I started to tear up thinking about trying to swallow. Secundus sighed and looked annoyed. I texted Primus, telling him I wished he was there to help me. He said, “I’ll be there soon kitty.”

When he came back he had some thermflu powder. He made me some of it by pouring it into a cup with cold water. I drank some, then read the back of the box. “It says this needs to be warm…”. He sighed and shuffled to the kitchenette to warm it up. “I think I might need to go to the hospital…” Sigh again. “No, you’ll be fine.”

Three hours later, the throat was worse and my head was pounding. “I REALLY think I need to go to the hospital” I whispered as forcefully as I could. “No I’ll go to the store again…”.

By the time he came back, I was in tears. He reluctantly drove me to UMC, claiming that he didn’t know how to get there, even though he drove down Campbell daily.

When I turned in my sheet to the desk at the Urgent Care, an alarm went off in the hospital. All the orderlies shooed us into the parking lot. My throat hurt so much at this point I could only communicate with the Secondary though my phone- I would type a comment in the text message box and show the phone to him.

When we got back inside, they quickly called my name. Secundus came back with me, and I was subject to the various vitals tests- which all came back normal although I couldn’t talk or swallow and my head was pounding. The triage nurse asked me questions so fast I couldn’t type them out, I had to whisper the answers. He seemingly randomly asked me about domestic violence.

Secundus left me there, saying he needed to freshen up. They brought me into another room, and made lie in one those narrow crib hospital beds. I was given a blanket. Thirty minutes passed.

A very pregnant doctor came in and started asking me questions. She checked my ears and throat. She seemed uninterested in my pains, telling me my vitals “were fine”. I started to think that she wasn’t believing me toward the end of the exam. As I started to tear up, she looked at me and said “What’s really wrong?”, no doubt expecting me to go into some DV sob story. When I told her it was the pain, she left. Forty minutes passed.

While alone in the room I starting texting Primus anxiously. He was driving back from his plane flight to Phoenix. As I texted, I started crying hysterically. As I was crying, an even more pregnant orderly came and asked me about my emergency contacts. She never looked at my face, which was probably all puffy, swollen, and red. I don’t cry pretty.

A second doctor came in, and asked my why I was crying. I told her it was the pain. She got me some new, warm blankets, and told me a nurse would be there soon. He came in and gave me three shot-like containers of medicine, and made me drink a syringe (minus the needle of course) of what he told me was the anti-inflammatory steroid. After taking these, the headache I had for almost twenty hours started to wear off. I dozed comfortably in my bed.

Then Secundus appeared. I was groggy because of the medicine, but I felt so relieved to see him.

“So are you going to do this every time I leave for the weekend?” He playfully smiled as he kissed and hugged me.

I was too groggy for banter, but we chitchatted a bit as my voice started to come back. After a while the nurse came back to take me for x-rays of my throat for some reason. As he was wheeling me out, we passed a surprised Secundus, dressed differently then he was hours ago when he left me there. I told him the nurse had said visitors should just stay in the room.

When I was wheeled back into the room, Primus and Secundus were talking. We all talked for a then Primus said he needed to grab something to eat since he had rushed to Tucson from Phoenix to see me. Secundus and I made awkward small talk, wherein he blamed his mother and Amy as reasons he couldn’t have helped since he was so used before. We made awkward small talk about transhumanism.

Primus then came back, and Secundus left. Primus brought me home after awhile and we cuddled.

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