This may be the exit of Secundus

Posted in Uncategorized by macktivist on April 13, 2010

…And honestly? I’m not sure if I care.

Secundus has decided to blame me for trying to make myself “an obligation” to him by, um, becoming so sick I had to go to the hospital. After five months of dating he “wasn’t ready” for me to become sick. He also is throwing out all the rules we had made because he went on two dates with a 19 year old girl and doesn’t want me to meet her because he is afraid I might not like her.

These are all rules that HE HIMSELF pushed for, but do as I say not as I do I guess. This is sleazy, desperate side of him I guess I refused to see before.

This situation reminded me of a quote I read in Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up. One poly person talked about how people who seemed to think that poly people were just about using “normal” people for sex, usually turned out to be the people who most cruelly treat and then leave poly people. I feel like that was Secundus’s downfall, he was so obsessed that I would never treat him right because I already had Primus. And then he goes and pulls this shit on me. Classic.

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