Wow, what traffic!

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Wow, what a burst of popularity when I was linked to by the Saving Ethnic Studies facebook group. That was especially weird as I didn’t know that they were linking me until I saw it on my facebook feed! I definitely will blog more about that, especially once I go to the big state march against SB1070/HB2281 at the Capitol next weekend. (Psssh: Big march in Phoenix on May 29)

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Not all Arizonians are racists, but a lot are.

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I live in Arizona. I have lived here for the past six years, and will probably live here for at least three more; totaling near a decade of life in Arizona. Since the (elected Democrat) Janet Napolitano left to be Director of Homeland Security and was replaced with the (unelected Republican) Jan Brewer, the Republicans in the Legislature have been running amok making horrible bill after horrible bill, sure that she as a good Republican lapdog will rubber stamp anything they hand to her

The most recent Republican blunders are SB1070, a draconian measure that lets police *legally* harass anyone “suspected of being in the country illegally”, and HB 2281, which refers to teaching non-white ethnic-centered classes as promoting anti-American sentiment and treason.

Last Friday, I was at the graduation ceremony for Primus’s college’s graduation at the University of Arizona. He is in the College of Social and Behavior Sciences, which encompasses Judaic, La Raza, Africana, Middle Eastern and Gender and Women’s Studies. The professor who was the speaker at the graduation was associate professor Dr. Soto, who teaches in both the Gender and Women’s studies and the La Raza studies. I personally have had the pleasure of being in one of her Gender and Women’s Studies class. She brought up a very relevant topic by talking about SB1070 and HB2281 as many people fear that Republicans in the Legislature will attack ethnic studies at the University level next.

The people who screamed at Professor Soto that she was “politicizing their graduation” are white people who frankly, need to shut the hell up. Their is a very large latin@ population at the school. Bills like SB1070 are outright politicizing their bodies and they will never get to escape from that. Bills like HB2281 are politicizing their culture and heritage, and treating them like criminals for wanting to transmit that culture. The white people who are complaining have never experienced the politicizing of their bodies or culture, as their color protects them and makes them “normal”.

These white people who boo are so threatened by latin@s and latin@ culture that they aren’t even listening to what Professor Soto is advocating, a clear an open dialog free of fear-mongering. I also think that the conservatives in the crowd were reacting to fact that Professor Soto herself is a latina, and as they believe that the other is always politicized because of their bodies, whenever a latina woman talks about bills directed at latin@s, she will always be considered “extreme” and “radical” if she does anything but meekly accept it.

As a spectator, I do want to say that there were an equal amount of people cheering her on, and at one point it looked like the two sides where going to duke it out in the stands.

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Search Terms

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So I was looking at the search terms that people use to get to my blog:

poly blogs
fat-phobia airline
too depressed to function
natasha bhuyan
crazy dating situations

As I really do what to make this a blog that deals with fatphobia and poly, I’m really glad people can find my blog that way. The fact that someone actually searched for my blogs name is fascinating to me. Who is actually reading my ramblings? The two “too depressed to function” and “crazy dating situations” make me sad that people looking those up, but they do tend to go hand in hand.

Wow, almost a whole month…

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…has gone by without me posting here. Well, I’ve technically graduated undergraduate but I still need to work on one more class. My romantic life has been improving, and I haven’t talked to Secundus in almost two weeks, which may or may not bee related to the previous statement.

More early tomorrow, or later today; which ever way you want to look at it.